i would hire him for this flyer alone


at school:

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people who stretch their desktop background


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what does rofl stand for

rise our father lucifer


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You will want to forget the
person that shattered your
heart but the truth is you
cannot just forget someone
that was once there and
you cannot forget the fact
that they had taught you
what love felt like and
you cannot forget that
they once planted flowers
in your dead garden and
you cannot forget that
their voice was your
lullaby and you will
sometimes find yourself
absently smiling and
when someone asks
why you will realize
it is because you are
remembering a sweet
memory that you shared
and no matter how hard
you want to forget the
truth is you cannot forget
someone that you had once
tried so tremendously not
to forget when your heart
was still whole.
-Don’t expect yourself to just forget.  (via dollpoetry)

This stabbed me in the heart

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